CNC Machining

Our CNC department consists of several CNC finishing mills, which range in size from 40X20X20 inches up to 61X80X40 inches. Each machine is capable of finishing to a near no bench finish. We also have two high performance Makino’s which can produce no-bench finishes in very little run time, which reduces the time needed for benching and spotting.Also in our CNC department are two roughing machines, capable of roughing 4′x8′ or 25,000 lbs., and can take up to .200 per pass.


Gun Drilling

Gun Drilling is a highly flexible, efficent and quick method of producing deep or shallow close-tolerance holes with smooth surface finishes-usually in one pass. This often eliminates the need for reaming, honing, or other finishing operations.

Less known are the potential advantages of shallow hole and deep hole gun drilling. Depending on the material and application, gun drilling is always more precise, and often faster than conventional drilling.

Tolerances as close as 0.0003″ have been consistenly held, and surface finishes of 16 to 20 microinches are expected in gun drilling. Many different types of materials are used in projects ranging from cast iron to tool steel with hardnesses up to 46 R/c.


Surfacing & Design

At CAMmand, surfacing & design of molds and dies, or aerospace tooling & fixtures, is done on Symmetron Software.  The use of Symmetron offers us the ability to do complete prototype design & surfacing.

WorkNC is another software the we use for CAM-side programming, as well as Lemoine.